After Wedding Research on Pinterest

I am getting married in two weeks! I am so excited and thankful for the internet especially Pinterest, where I have captured beautiful images for months. This statue is very Olympia, Washington, my town. 


After Wedding Research on Pinterest

Suddenly we are not fifty
getting married for the second time,
fitting in wedding dress shopping between colonoscopies.

We are tulle in Telluride, boho in a botanical garden,
there are wildflowers in my golden not gray hair.
You are waiting for me in a waistcoat,
my waist is nipped, my dress easily zipped.
The aisle is a forest glen, I am on a strong steed.

I will change into a cocktail dress,
your groom’s men will roast us,
our parents are still all alive and will toast us.
First dances with fresh knees,
flat bellies with pregnant dreams.

We are in a tasseled tent,
in a boutique hotel in Paris,
in our bathroom sink, craft beers on ice,
in the ice, there are frozen violets.
The light in our bedroom
becomes little lanterns,
LED lights simulate fireflies.
Our sheets are silk, with the scroll of my fingers
it has taken no work.

Tonight, darling,
the cake didn’t settle, it didn’t rain.
There has never been an argument
we didn’t both win.

My handwritten vows are whispered into your skin.