Hope this isn't too far out there! Next week, love poems!



I haven’t been able to spell it,
I keep writing scracthy
scrac thy
I have decided to leave the ytypos in thes
To see what happens,
magic can,
when we let ourselve
make mistakes,
(and perhaps it is too early in the morning to write boems).

Scrathcy is one of those words that sounds
like its meaning, onomatopoeia.
We learned aobut it in grade school,
second grade, a year of buzz, hiss and chirp.

Scratchy has all those consonants,
six or seven depending on how you feel about the letter y......
There is a name for such a phenomena, consonant clusters!
as in catchphrase, latchstring, lengthsman!

I know a man who is losing his hearing
with tears in his eyes he told me he can’t understand
consonants anymore.
(I acutally jjust wrote with teats in his eyes)
He’d love that, he loves women!
He also loves words,
loves storytelling
loves hearing.
He is also scratchy,
because he is homeless.

Scratchy beard and red eyes, scratched tent,
tree branch tear in the last storm.
He hasn’t always been, he describes a little cabin
in Oregon near the beach, he made beach art,
out of sanded driftwood and found glass orbs,
round and smooth as vowels, consonance.

There are a lot of synonyms fro scrathcy
from severe to strident,
from caterwauling to coarse.
I don’t know what caterwauling means.
I can’t even guess!
Some things are better not to google,
I’ll let it be one of those.
I am goingt o use it the next time
my teenager rolls (at first I typed roles)
his eyes at me.
Stop caterwauling!

Because it is February,
I started out this peom wanting to write about sweaters,
cashmere is usually too soft,
I like wool, but merino.
Just scritchy enough when I swear (I mean to write sweat)
it prickles the right amount.
I like pretzels rods,
encrusted salt on cabled crunch.
I suck them until they soften,
swallow the soft pretzel marrow.

There are lots of itches to ignore
from curiosities to addictions,
such as asking my partner “was she better in bed than me?”
I am not good at shoulds and ask everytime.

There are two lies in this poem.
I didn’t leave every typo, only those that serve
and I could’t resist the online dictionary...
Caterwaul means to howl, wail, bawl, cry, yell, scream, screech, yowl, ululate
as in "we could hear those felines caterwauling all night.”
Uluate, now there is a new one,
for that, I’ll wonder.