I Never Ate a Peach Until I Met You

Ok, a racy mid summer poem! This years collection I am calling Year of Nectar, so it fits there too!

I Never Ate a Peach Until I Met You

There had been some
sliced up, hard as apples,
fanned on a plate

but not left to soften
until they yielded under my thumb
the skin almost puckering.

I feel a rush as I watch you
bite the flesh,
as I look sometimes
when we kiss

the flash of your tongue
and teeth between your lips
and think of your mouth
other places

and once my breast slowly sucked
first glistening in peach juice, 
you pulled me into the basement,
kids raucous above us.

Now there is juice,
allowed to run down my chin,
as you modeled again

this morning when we drove,
nectar on the leather seat, 
the carpet of my minivan,
just missing your work pants.

But it was also you
who taught me to keep
napkins in my glove box

and I grabbed one,
so happy to dab
loving loving
when you spill over.