On Perfection, Posies in Haiku

I got these cool haiku blocks recently. My dear friend Marla helped me write this one. We meant to create a summer solstice full moon ritual, but this was as close as we got!

On Perfection, Posies in Haiku

plain white china plates
not there yet, but someday soon
I get the allure

“checking” is the word
in eating disorder speak
hand along belly

my last poem was not
perfect, four typos in all
such shame reading it

I called an author
Martial, not Marshall, he a
peace keeper to boot

I stopped covering
my mouth when I yawn, realized
cats and dogs do not

models air brushed too
their longest legs are lengthened
cellulite small curd

I assume the worst
and then deep apologize
wish I could stay sweet

because I am not
photogenic, ancestors
won’t know my lovely

new buildings are best
once landscaped with roof gardens
nature architect

try to soothe bad moods
barman wiping the counter
god with eraser