It's been one of those weeks. This poem is a little hyperbolic, but shamefully true. They say if you aren't a little embarrassed, it isn't art! This photo was taken when I stayed at someone's guest home in New York, the furnishings harken  a much simpler time. 



I am not good in a pinch,
can’t work a winch.
I won’t keep watch,
have an itch in my crotch.
I am selfish, dramatic,
self-involved, anti-climactic.
I won’t go the distance,
won’t lobby for you,
campaign for you,
canvas for you,
rally, tally, cull or mull for you.

I hate standing around,
don't hold my ground,
just want to lay down,
often frown.
I rationalize it was meant to be
the kitty chose to get stuck in the tree.
Addicts, fools, flat tires,
I give you only my expire.
You don’t want me on your life boat,
I won’t scale your moat.

I prefer to watch
the grass grow, the cock crow,
the clouds blow.
I’m tanked, won’t be thanked.
It’s already been said,
I just want to go to bed.
I marvel at how they do it,
keep at it, work it,
fake and take and make it.
I look at cities and want to take a nap.
Snap! that’s not for me,
please lay me on your lap.

I am weary of the drama
the gossip, the hustle, the bustle.
I’m late with the rent,
my car has a dent,
I am spent, pent, sent.
I won’t woulda coulda
never shoulda.
It’s not my rhyme, not my jam
or jelly.

I am weak in the belly.
I’m over it, won’t cover it
not your alibi or shift.
I won’t catch your drift or story,
your sorry or worry.
Won’t feed your pets or
drive your kids,
right your wrongs,
clean your digs.
It was their time,
not on my dime.

My head’s in the sand,
I feel safer on land.
I am often tired, expired,
I don’t care enough,
am not tough.
Won’t keep vigil,
two strikes I am out,
was in the outfield,
picking daisies.

I am a little bit crazy, a lot hazy,
totally lazy.
Not a good problem solver,
don’t like to hover,
don’t see the point,
can’t rally to win, won’t play for gin,
martinis, too much for me,
dinner date, I’m often late.
I won’t answer the phone
if you call late at night.
Won’t join your fight,
your plight or blight.
I am consistent only in this,
I offer a kiss.