I have been so lame about my weekly poem, my creative energy going into building my counseling business. I have a few clients! I am figuring out how to do online paperwork! If you are interested, check out my website at or my Psychology Today profile under Deborah Grace Counseling. I love how poetry is akin to therapy. I am scared to begin this new endeavor and knew a poem would help me know it’s ok.



It is time for me to go out in the world
and I don’t know how
despite getting a degree
and having a stack
of business cards at the ready.

They have rounded corners
and slide smoothly in my palm.
I couldn’t decide on one design,
so I chose five.
Images of lily pads, mountain,
river water, flower, cloud.
I want to offer each to the world,
a safe place to buoy, perspective,
flow, a space to blossom,
an allowing that things come and go.

The therapists I call for networking
don’t often call back, they are busy.
I will be such, soon enough,
but this bridge from not busy to too busy
is in shadow. It is like the morning fog
these October mornings,
I don’t know when it will lift.

I have been creative again
in the kitchen, it is safe there,
I am taking small risks.
This week a white rice dish made of leftovers,
appreciated when I doubled the soy sauce,
and last night homemade applesauce.

I’d never made applesauce before,
hadn’t eaten it in years.
I thought I added too much cinnamon,
but it was lovely
served with sausage and corn cakes,
to which I added cheese.
The cakes took a long time to cook,
sizzling in melted butter.