I am officially publishing my poems whenever! It sure seems that way lately :)  I started an internship for my Master's Counseling Program, Monday through Wednesday so Thursdays are now my goal. I appreciate your reading so much! 

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I like the verbs
burble (small brooks)
scour (winds above tree line)
flit (monarchs near the maple)
ascend (hiking sculpts the booty and will)
penetrate (hummingbird at the fuschia)
plunge (diving into jade water).

One earthing guru recommends
immersion in a thicket.
At first nothing happens,
then little and big bugs,
then rustling and skittering,
Another suggests laying prone
so we feel the ground beneath us, 
its support and yield, 
its rise and return.
In and Ex.

On a trail, a brisk walk
becomes an hour of Planet Power.
We can’t obsess about our future when
large branches and stones must be navigated.
Who cares what that rude person said
when pebbles and sand need be considered.
Marshy and dry places plump and temper our moods.
Dappled forest light diffuses our defenses.

Loved one not texting when expected
(the cedar branch tips are turning brown this late summer),
surly teenagers left dirty socks on the couch
(blackberries are just flowering),
just started a new job and have idea what to do
(it's getting colder, I can see my breath),
worry about the destruction of the world
(the firs and rabbits didn’t read the headline).