Kitchen Peeves and Pleasures Haiku

I recently found some Gourmet magazines from the 90s. An article suggested roasting beets concentrates the flavor, it did! I love how cooking and kitchens have innovations and yet are mostly timeless.

Kitchen Peeves and Pleasures Haikus

time to clean the fridge
no one eats the last pickles
floating green wienies

once made bread pudding
better at the bakery
bread heels still hopeful

our shelves often bare
my partner stocks his larder
love his excesses

stinky dish towels
sour sponges keep it real
life is everywhere

syrup in pitcher
elevates a Sunday morn
kids say thank you

“there are no clean spoons!”
dish washer never emptied
each sip a new glass

Oreos and chips
packages don’t last a day
but what a good day

a sink, floor, a roof
a faucet, such luxury
knives, pointed pleasure

fruit on the counter
a scramble for new bunches
goes fast until brown

kids out of the house
naked cooking and eating
bare butts stick to chairs

from dirty, raw, dull
to julienned and plumped
cooking soothes sad, mad

the utensil drawer
must be edited often
no space for novel

soup pot on the stove
generations of comfort
all is beyond well