Venn Diagram

So fun to rhyme sometimes! 

Venn Diagram

Think of two groups(sets) of anything and represent each
by a circle, draw the circles so they intersect.

Tiger and house cat,
democrat and republican,
slave and master, tree and table,
parish and pastor.
The table can be made of wood,
is hard, cut, crafted, beautiful perhaps.
A tree contains wood, is hard,
alive, natural, beautiful always.
Creation sheared and carded,
emotions teased into love and pain,
human interaction, either praise or complain.

Place each characteristic unique to only one set
outside of the oval.

Two eye rolling, arms crossed
teenage girls are given paper and markers.
One is a full figured, outgoing onlychild living in town,
the other is thin shy bigsister
climbing trees hanging upside down.
Within minutes they are like separated twins,
before grimaces are now grins.
Both singers, bad spellers, brown haired musicians,
they are planning a concert,
they are comparing their handwriting.

Place what the groups have in common,
their union inside the elliptical center.

Hula hoops in the Gaza strip,
all one when we skinny dip.
Everyone paired up,
the only worthy tarot suit, the spilling cups.
Red, blue and yellow,
a preschool scene.
Orange, purple, green,
diversity dream.