An Open Poem to My Daughter's Guy Friends Who Google My Poetry Site

I seem to have settled into Fridays for poems! Here an advice poem, for teenage boys, no less. 

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An Open Poem to My Daughter’s Guy Friends Who Googled My Poetry Site

I suspect it was a way to pass time
during a boring elective class,
but I was honored when you asked,
Isn’t your mom a poet?
and then searched to see my content.
I wish I had the forethought
to have a poem in bold letters,
that may have gotten your attention.
My daughter has shared a tiny bit about your lives,
knowing I am passionate about Teens and Feelings.
I hope my liberty here only emboldens you.

First off:
Cultivate your spirit.
Here, a boost condensed from the book,
The Four Agreements:
1. do your best
2. tell the truth
3. don’t take things personally
4. don’t make assumptions
The last two are basically the same,
rephrased for emphasis, in short,
if someone rejects you, it’s not about you.

About the Friend Zone:
Much to his frustration, my current squeeze was
every girls’ pal in high school.
Now in his late-forties,
he wears a wedding ring to keep women at bay.
Nice guys don’t finish last,
they just finish a little later.
When you do get lucky,
have sex slowly, ask ask ask
and ask again, is this ok? are you ready?
How can I? what would you? like? like? like?

On Role Models:
Don’t let your disappointment in adults distract you.
If those close to you are slumped
in front of the television with a six pack every evening,
thank them for your desire to do a 180.
My father committed suicide when I was thirteen,
although I mourn his death, the rent in my heart
has given me one of my greatest gifts, compassion.

You must:
Find things you are passionate about
whether music, photography, G-spots.
Exercise almost everyday.
Be in nature and read books.
Find your center, literally in your body,
don’t be just a penis and a brain,
know your heart, your diaphragm,
metatarsals, lungs.

Don’t let anger be your endgame.
If someone has a criticism about you,
dissect it, massage and own it.
Your script:
Oh dude (or babe or mom)..
I see how you could feel that way,
I am working on that
(or going to..)
what could I do right now that would
make it better?

Talk, share, talk, listen,
talk much more than you want to,
share about your shame,
talk about your fear, your wanting,
listen without needing to fix, change, own it.