Ice Breaker

Oversharing is my super power :):)

Ice Breaker

I wish at parties or business mixers
we led off with our biggest body shame.
Hi, I have an inverted nipple
or one of my testicles hangs lower
than the other, my spine is crooked
or I fake my orgasms
or I orgasm in two seconds.
I am anorexic or don’t dance.
We could warm up with our biggest booty shame,
mine is too flat or big or round or ground,
I am constipated, unregulated.

How would the world be different
if printed on the back
of our business cards were
our greatest fears or failures,
if on the bumper of our cars,
we stated I have polyps
and my father died of colon cancer,
my brother just overdosed,
I cheated on my partner,
I have been cheated on,

I am addicted to porn.

What if when asked what do you do?
we didn’t offer our job title
but who we wanted to be when
we were six and we still
thought we could fly-
astronaut, inventor,
dog groomer, ballet dancer,
wedding cake maker,
fireman, world saver,
the goddess Persephone guiding people
out of the underworld.

Is it possible to share our greatest joy
or challenge while in the checkout line-
I am buying this six pack as I do every night,
but really I want to learn guitar,
these strawberries are for my grandson,
he is the light of my life.

What if instead of flying our national flag
or team colors outside our windows
there was a recognized hue for distress
and another for loneliness.
Could it be there are not overshares,
no toomuchinformationing.
I imagine a world where we wouldn’t cringe or blush
or shame when someone was vulnerable.
Isn’t care the chrysalis broken open,
love, the butterfly
poised for flight?

I’ll start with me, the italicized
words at one point have been true.
All felt or got better or were tolerable because...
I accepted, I healed, I forgave because...

myself and others... 
I told someone.