Hashtag Human

I am in Italy on a cruise! My biggest indulgence and souvenir is to draw. I have always said I wanted to know how and I am finding like most things, the way to learn is simply by doing :) This poem is a bit silly, but I find people on their phones lots in Europe as well as in America. I have to pay for internet and it has been a lovely forced respite, allowing time for colored pencils and paper. I find drawing is similar to writing poetry, an exercise in distilling things to their essence.


Hashtag Human

Are we just
a face
or a look?
when is the last time
we read a book?
a consumer or creator,
a hater or traitor,
thumbs up or a frown,
leave a commentor,
social media
can be coma or mentor

A post and a pin
swivel and kin

Their new baby!
She’s on a trip,
he’s gotten ripped!
Life in capsules,
a little bit of tweet
how we remember
life is sweet

A pound of connection,
long and lost,
symbol for small scaffolding
look at me, hope you see

Look up, tuck it away,
be the couple on a date
with no screens in the way.
<3 the ones you are with,
the ground beneath you,
the sky and tree
# thedevilisinthedose