When I See Someone Reading a Book

I am old school about some things, books being number one. Hope you have one you can't put down! Right now for me it is Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. It is a great Seattle and World War Two history primer, but even better story of the human spirit. If you liked Unbroken, this should be next!

When I See Someone Reading a Book

Dinner, alone in a restaurant
sneaking a page between
appetizer and main course,
happy to not have a companion
knowing with books you are never alone,
Oasis of thought and patience,
I want to spoon feed you!

Traveller, in the airport,
soft-postured among steel and glass,
among the androids and cogs
who toil on smart phones and Kindles,
(ever more metal and glare),
You, flesh holding xylem and phloem,
Pilgrim of past and present pleasure,
let’s read under tropical cabanas!

Child, lying on the couch,
a foothold in fantasy
forgetting playground politics,
asking for the next in a series,
able to discuss the merits of the novel
over the movie,
Little one of imagination and wonder,
you give me hope for the future!

Librarian, leading me down the aisle
like a teenager hoping to make out,
never begrudging a lost card,
placing my holds as though
I was presidential,
speaking of authors,
Securer of culture and creation,
I want to fund your retirement!

Shopper, at the book store,
dopamine high and dreamy,
studying covers and jackets
as though they are sacred,
not caring you have already
stacks by your nightstand, 
Priest and Priestess of purpose
I want to live with you!