Violet the Band: : How Three Everyday Women Rocked Everything
By Rain Cameron, Deborah Grace, Kristin Rizzieri

Three busy women with no musical knowledge start a rock ‘n’ roll band and discover a fresh new world of rehearsal rooms, dive bars, blisters and unexpected bliss. This heartfelt, edgy and passionate memoir is the answer to the question, “How is the band?” which is really many questions, like “How is it to embrace the creative process, to be a beginner, to give yourself permission to become freer, braver and wilder?”

Grrrls ROCK! This book will strike a chord in every creative momma that has thought "I am too busy, old or lack real talent," all while riding a trail of snot?! The real honesty and willingness of these women to morph into something new left me inspired and shouting for an encore!

- Ka Ridgway