Tango is a kaleidoscope of lust and love. Grace invites the reader into the deep world of a woman, from sexual obsession to the familiarities of marriage, to juggling what it is to be a lover and a mother. She explores the shadow side of desire including obsession and fidelity, as well as the creative crucifix that a Beloved inspires, all with honesty, poignancy and celebration, very rarely offered in our society that merely titillates and discourages true expression. Grace asserts to get to know our passions is a spiritual journey. She takes us on hers with care, exquisite imagery and eroticism. Read these poems to be turned on, tuned in and ultimately, tenderly connected to your own heart.

This is one sexy wordsmith! I love, Love, LOVE this book!! Was delighted to discover this secret window looking in to the juicy thoughts, stories and musings of a true love Goddess ...... there is also deep thoughtful REAL quandaries that haunt a Woman spoken as if from my own heart ... this book is a rare and spiritual sacred journey into the deeper heart of the Sacred Feminine. Highly recommend.
- Bethleen Cole
Deborah Grace brilliantly captures the heartbeat of a woman. A fascinating journey into the life blood of our feminine core, Deborah holds nothing back; passion, mothering, marriage, divorce, spiritual opening, its all beautifully felt and explored through this poet's rawness and literary mastery...I highly recommend this book!
- Karen Wright